Exporting Account History from Advantagenet

Directions for Quicken, Microsoft Money, Quickbooks  

To Display Account History Information:

  1. Log into Advantagenet.
  2. On the home page of your Advantagenet Account, locate your account information and select the type of account (Shares, Checking, etc.) listed below in the Account Summary box.
  3. Below the Detail Information box there will be 2 drop down boxes next to the Display.  Select an option from the drop down boxes by clicking the arrow.
      • All transactions drop down box.
      • Last 7 Days displayed drop down box. If you would like to display additional transactions prior to the Last 7 Days, select another option from the drop down box. Or to customize your date range, select Show Date Range.
  4. Select Show History button.

To Export Information:

  1. Follow Display Account History Information steps.
  2. Select Personal Finance Software (Quicken, Money, Quickbooks) type from drop down box shown above your Account History table.
  3. Select Download.
  4. Select Save when File Download box appears.
  5. Save to desired location on computer.



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