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Use your Mastercard Credit Card for everyday purchases - in person and online. Your Mastercard gives you the freedom to support the lifestyle you choose.

  • Low APR^

  • New Cardholder APR 3.99% for 6 months

  • No annual fee

  • No balance transfer fee

  • No cash advance fee


Take advantage of a 3.99% Introductory APR^ for 6 months after your account opens on new purchases and balance transfers! 

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Your Mastercard Credit Card

When you use a Mastercard credit card, you can take advantage of the many benefits we provide to make your purchasing experience better. 

Mastercard ID Theft Protection

You can use your Mastercard credit card with peace of mind because our cards come with complimentary identity theft protection. 

Our ID theft protection covers you by:

  • Monitoring your credit profile for fraudulent purchases

  • Sending you alert notifications when there’s suspicious activity on your card so you can minimize fraud. We do this by tracking all financial data related to your personal information such as your name, address, social security number, and more. 

  • Resolving ID theft matters with white-glove service to help make these difficult situations as pain-free and as possible

Zero Liability

Our Zero Liability protection covers you for any purchase made with your card fraudulently. So, whether the fraudulent purchases are made in-store, on the phone, or online, you won’t be held responsible.

Mastercard Global Service

No matter where you are, the Mastercard Global Service provides you with emergency assistance anytime, anywhere in any language. This service helps you to report a lost or stolen card, locate an ATM, get your card replaced, or secure a cash advance while answering any questions you have about your account. You can rest assured that we have your back no matter where you are or what you need. 

Mastercard Airport Concierge

With the Mastercard Airport Concierge service, you have access to a personal Meet & Greet agent to escort you through the airport for a departure, arrival or connecting flight in over 700 destinations.

Mastercard Golf

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ll love the Mastercard Priceless Golf benefit. There are various perks you can take advantage of including:

  • Tee times at premier clubs

  • Unique tournament experiences

  • Access to 1,000+ private courses

  • Playing golf alongside professionals

  • Receiving instruction from Mastercard golf ambassadors and other golf professionals

Mastercard Priceless Cities

The Mastercard Priceless Cities benefit allows you to take part in once in a lifetime experiences in different cities in the US and abroad. From exploring history, going behind the scenes to booking an adventure, or touring a new city, we have something for you. 

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The Many Ways To Use Your Mastercard Credit Card

There are several ways you can use your Mastercard credit card. Whether you want to make purchases at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, fill up your car with gas, pay for your vacation, or make other day to day purchases, we have you covered. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Mastercard Credit Card

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about the Mastercard credit card.  

What is the difference between Visa and Mastercard credit cards?

Both Visa and Mastercard credit cards are great for day to day spending. They’re universally accepted at most places accepting credit card payments, and they offer many benefits. 

Ultimately, you want to review the benefits provided by the credit card you consider getting.  Also, look at the bank that’s issuing the credit card because the rewards, perks, fees, and interest rate are determined by the issuing bank. 

What is the credit limit for a Mastercard credit card?

Your credit limit will be based on your credit history, income, assets, and how much debt you currently have. To determine your credit limit, you will have to apply and be approved by the credit card issuer. Your credit card issuer will determine your credit limit based on your creditworthiness. 

What are the benefits of a Mastercard credit card?

Your Mastercard credit card will offer various benefits depending on the issuer. With the 1st Advantage Mastercard credit card, we offer: 

  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection

  • Zero Liability

  • Mastercard Global Service

  • Mastercard Airport Concierge

  • Mastercard Golf

  • Mastercard Priceless Cities