Social Media Terms of Use

1st Advantage is excited to participate in various social media outlets as a way of interacting with a community of people interested discussing finances, spending, saving and other related topics pertinent to 1st Advantage. That said, please understand that consumer postings to 1st Advantage’s Community pages, Facebook fan page, Twitter account or other social media sites are not necessarily representative of the opinions of 1st Advantage, Nor does 1st Advantage confirm the accuracy of content posted by consumers.

1st Advantage expects that consumers who interact socially within our venues will refrain from posting inflammatory, obscene or distasteful content. We reserve the right to remove postings / content that are:

1. abusive, defamatory, or obscene
2. fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
3. in violation of any intellectual property right of another
4. in violation of any law or regulation
5. promoting or advertising a business, service or entity unrelated to 1st Advantage
6. otherwise inappropriate

If a posting violates any of these guidelines it may be blocked or removed without notice. Should you feel that any content is inappropriate and should be removed, please let us know.


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