Get down to business and maximize your cashback with a 1st Advantage Business Mastercard. 

Earn unlimited cash back simply by doing business. Our Business Mastercard helps you get more out of every day with enhanced benefits, rates as low as 13.50% APR**, and flexible spending limits!


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Contact Paul Szabo or Erica Carson today to discuss the ways that 1st Advantage can help your business thrive.


Paul Szabo,CIA, CFSA
Commercial Lending Manager
757-886-3300 |[email protected]

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Erica Carson
Commercial Loan Officer
757-886-3342 |

Business Card Benefits


                shield                                                      umbrella                                                            Asset 7

           ID Theft Protection                              Zero Liability Protection                        Mobile Receipt Management
Monitor your credit file for fraud, receive                You’re not responsible in the event                          Digitally capture & manage  
alert notifications about suspicious activity,            someone makes unauthorized purchases               paper and emailed receipts.
and get assistance from a specialist.                         with your card.                                                              Sort by merchant, purchase                                                                                                                                                                                      date, and more.                                               

                    Asset 8                                              Asset 6                                                         Asset 1

             Rental Insurance                                       24/7 Account Access                              Earn Unlimited Cashback

 You'll get free theft and damage                                  Manage your card information                           Earn 1% cashback on 
 coverage when you use your card                                   anytime, anywhere.                                           all your business purchases.
 to rent a car.           


            Business Perks and Rewards

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                           QuickBooks-Logo-Preferred-CMYK        intuit-turbotax-logo-vector_cmyk       dropbox
                            Instacart-Logo          Shoprunner      Zoho-Social-cmyk

Check out all the perks and benefits your 1st Advantage Business Mastercard Credit Card comes with here.

Business Agreement Disclosure Mastercard


* Business Mastercard cardholders will receive 1% cash back in select bonus categories and 1% cash back on all other purchases. 3% cash back category changes quarterly. See Terms and Conditions for full program and service details.

**Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is variable and currently ranges from 13.50% to 17.95% and is accurate as of 1/1/23. Your APR is determined by program selected and credit history. All other information will be disclosed when you receive your card in the mail. Please contact the credit union at

757-877-2444 with questions or concerns.


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