As of December 31, 2019 all VISA Debit Cards will be closed. To avoid an interruption in service, please activate your new Debit Mastercard and update all automatic payments. If you have any questions or have not received your new Mastercard, please contact us at 757-877-2444.

We are pleased to announce that all 1st Advantage Visa debit and credit cards will be replaced with enhanced Mastercards! This no-cost upgrade will provide members with improved benefits and services. Debit cards will be replaced beginning Summer 2019 and credit cards will be replaced Fall 2019.

During this process it is important to ensure your contact information on file is correct. To do so, sign in to Online Banking and navigate to the Your Preferences Tab and then Contact Information. If changes are needed, you may update your information and then click Update. Please allow 24 hours for these updates to reflect in our system.

Contact us at 800-359-7650 or 757-877-2444 if you would prefer to review your contact information directly with a 1st Advantage colleague, if you are having trouble setting up your PIN and are in need of immediate assistance, or if you are the joint member on the account.

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When your new card arrives, you'll enjoy:
So what do you need to do now?
Simply continue to use your existing Visa card for now, then activate and start using your new Mastercard as soon as it arrives. It may also be a good idea to review your last VISA statement as well as your checking account to compile a list of reoccurring/automatic payments. We have created this automatic payment worksheet to help with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is 1st Advantage switching from VISA to Mastercard?

    - We constantly evaluate our programs to continue offering the best products and services for our members. The new Mastercard program will provide improved service and enhanced benefits.
Q: Is Mastercard accepted worldwide?

    -  Yes, Mastercard is accepted at over 40 million places worldwide.

Q: Will there be any downtime during the switch when members will not be able to use their credit cards?
    -  No, there will be uninterrupted account access. 

Q: When members receive their new credit Mastercard what should they do?
    - To activate Credit, call 1-800-631-3197; to activate Debit, call 1-866-985-2273
    - Sign the back
    - Destroy your old card
    - Notify merchants of your new credit Mastercard number for any reoccurring payments. Use our helpful automatic payment worksheet to help gather all of your information. 

Q: Will members card numbers change?
    -  Yes, card numbers will change.

Q: Will members PIN numbers transfer over to the new Debit Mastercard?

    -  No. Members can assign the same PIN number from their pervious card, but it will not transfer automatically. Upon activating the new Debit card, members will be prompted to select a PIN number.

Q: What should members do if they receive an error message when calling to activate their new debit card and set up their PIN?
    -  Members must call from the phone number they have on file with their 1st Advantage account. If the number needs to be updated, members can update in Online Banking, call 757-877-2444, or come into a branch to update. Once their number is updated on the account, members can call the activation number again, 1-866-985-2273, and set up their PIN.

Q: Will recurring merchant payments carry over with the new Mastercard?
    -  No. Members with reoccurring payments will need contact all merchants to update their card information. We have developed an automatic payment worksheet to help with the process.

Q: Will members interest rate or fees change?
    -  Members were alerted of fee and possible rate changes with a Change In Terms letter mailed 7/15/2019. That letter outlined a fee change for Late Payment and Returned Check Fee, both rates are now $28.00.

Q: Will members who have rewards' points loose points?
    -  Members will not loose any points! All points will be transferred to the Mastercard cash back program.

Q: Will members' credit limits remain the same?
    -  Yes

Q: Will any of the new Mastercards have an annual fee?
    -  No

Q: Will a members' credit Mastercard payment due date change?
    -  No

Q: Will the switch affect members credit history or score?
    -  No.

Q: Will there still be a grace period for credit card payments?

    -  Yes, there will still be a 10-day grace period before a late fee is charged.

Q: How can a member manage their new Mastercard?
    - Members can manage their new Mastercard account in Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Access Point. The new Mastercard will automatically be added to Online Banking and Mobile Banking, but not Access Point. 

Q: How can a member add their new Mastercard to Access Point?
    - If the member already has an Access Point account to manage their Visa, they’ll need to log in and select “Add a Card” from the Quick Links section. Members will then follow the prompts to add their new Mastercard to their Access Point account.

If the member does not already have an Access Point account, they will follow the New User prompts on the Access Point homepage, click here.

Q: How can a member log on to Access Point to manage their credit card?
      - Click here for the Access Point portal. There is a button called "Manage Account" on the Mastercard page.  

Q: Does Mastercard offer ID Theft Protection?
    -  Yes, our new Mastercards provide members with access to a number of Identity Theft resolution services, should members believe they are a victim of Identity Theft. Learn more about Mastercard ID Theft Protection here.

Q: If members have any questions who should they contact?
    -  Members can stop by the branch if they have any questions or call 757-877-2444.

1. Certain restrictions apply. See for details.
2. Mastercard Rewards cardholders will receive 2% cash back in select bonus categories each quarter and 1% cash back on all other purchases.