How do I earn CURewards points when using my card?

1 point for every net purchase $1 spent


Do I earn points for cash advances and balance transfers?

Points are not earned for cash advances or balance transfers.   

Do my points expire?

Points expire after 5 years


How can I find out how many and/or when my points will expire?

On your visa statement, refer to the CUREWARD POINTS ACTIVITY section that will show points earned, points redeemed, points to expire, and the date those points will expire. 

What is CURewards Mall?

CURewards Mall is a program that allows you to earn Mall points when you shop at your favorite brand-name retailers within the CURewards Mall network. Every time you use your Signature Rewards card at the participating retailers listed on the CURewards Mall website, you'll earn Mall points.

How do I earn points through the Mall?

Earning is easy. Every time you use your card at the participating retailers listed on the Mall website, you’ll earn Mall points. Just remember to click on the links in each offer, activate if necessary, or use your card when shopping in participating retailers’ stores.

When will I receive my Mall points?

Mall points may take up to 30 days to be credited to your account after the date of purchase.


How do I stay up to date on newly added Activate Offers?

Simply visit the home page, use the drop-down menu under the category if there is a counter next to Activate Offers.

Where do I go to register my card to redeem points?


Can I redeem points for cash and gift cards over the phone?

No.  You can only redeem points for cash and gift cards through the website.


How can I redeem my points for cash)?

Through the CURewards website, members can redeem points for cash in $25.00 increments for deposit into their savings, checking, or to make a Visa payment on that card only.  (Ex:  $25.00 equals 2,500 CURewards points; $50.00 equals 5,000 CURewards points, etc.) 

How can I redeem my CURewards points for merchandise without using the online site?

To receive a brochure detailing options for CURewards® merchandise point redemption, please call 1-888-634-6318 and press Option 1.

I haven’t received my merchandise.  How can I check on the status?

Please call 888-634-6318 and CURewards Merchandise specialist will be able to assist you.


How do I redeem my points for travel?

Signature Rewards:  877-219-4988


When I try to login I get the error message:

"The website has encountered a general error. Please try again later".

You will receive this message if you are trying to log into a card account that is no longer valid (usually due to the card being reported lost or stolen).  You must re-register anytime your card is replaced with a new card number.


Who can I contact if I’m having trouble logging in?

You can call 800-637-7728 (24/7) and a CURewards representative will be able to assist you.  You can also contact the credit union at 757-877-2444 or email us at during business hours.


I reported my credit card lost or stolen.  Will my points transfer to my new card?

Yes, your points will automatically transfer to the new card.


I reported my card lost or stolen and now I can’t log into the CURewards website?

Anytime a card is reported lost or stolen, you will need to re-register with the new card information.