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72nd Annual Meeting

Our 72nd Annual Meeting was held virtually and in-person on May, 9, 2024. We took a look back at the previous business year and discussed upcoming plans for the Credit Union.

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Our 2024 Board of Directors Nominees

As part of 1st Advantage’s pre-election process, the Nominating Committee has considered candidates for open Board positions and developed the following list of qualified nominees for the election. All three candidates were elected at the Annual Meeting.

photo of Sylvester McClellan

Sylvester McClellan

Retired Federal Service

Sylvester McClellan retired from Federal Service in January 2020, having held the position of Chief of the Accounting and Finance Services Division within the Finance and Accounting Directorate at Headquarters Training and Doctrine Command, Joint Base Langley Eustis. He is also a Certified Government Financial Manager and brings over 34 years of credit union membership.

Photo of Barbara Ballard

Barbara D. Ballard

MBA, CPA, retired

Barbara D. Ballard has been a valued member of the Board of Directors since 2015. Mrs. Ballard actively contributes to the ALCO committee, Nominating Committee, and the Scholarship Committee. A member of the Credit Union since 2008, she previously served on the 1st Advantage Supervisory Committee for four years.

Photo of William Ramsey

William C. Ramsey

Former Partner, and CFO for PAVES

William C. Ramsey brings a wealth of experience for the Board. Holding a BS in Accounting, MBA, and a Master of Strategic Studies, Mr. Ramsey has over 30  years of operational leadership, strategic communication, and strategic planning. Since 2018, he has been an active member of the Board of Directors, serving on various committees, including his role as Nominating Committee Chair. Prior to his directorial appointment, Mr. Ramsey served on the Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee.

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