Report Fraud & Disputes

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

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Debit Card

Report a lost or stolen card, and/or fraud by calling 1-833-719-0355.

For fraud, you will also need to complete both forms:

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Credit Card

Report a lost or stolen card, and/or fraud by calling the below numbers for your 1st Advantage credit cards. A fraud report will be taken at the time the card is reported lost or stolen.

For Business, Rewards and Standard Mastercards, call 866-337-3132

For World Mastercards, call 866-406-0749

Fraud & Dispute Determination


If the member states they do not recognize or have never attempted a transaction with the merchant or if a member uses their card to pay for someone else’s bill and it is used again without authorization, then it is considered fraud. The member must report the card as Lost or Theft/Stolen (Compromised).


A dispute occurs when a merchant posts a transaction to a member’s account erroneously. To include:
overcharge, double posting, charged after a service has been cancelled (i.e., GARCINIA), merchandise was not received. If the member has ever had any dealings with the company, it is considered a dispute. The cardholder is required to contact the merchant before they can file a dispute. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Billing Disputes

Members cannot dispute monies owed to a merchant regardless of whether payment arrangements were made or the member did not specifically authorize the transaction. This is considered billing dispute and
MasterCard will not process them.

Person to Person Transactions

(Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, eWallet, Venmo, etc.)
Where funds are transferred to and received by the recipient in exchange for goods, cannot be disputed with Mastercard if goods are not received and will have to be resolved with the merchant.

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