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The Importance of Credit History & Successful Savings

In Money Management
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The connection between successful savings & good credit plays an important role in your financial life.

Having a strong credit history, reflected in good credit scores, allows you to qualify for lower interest rates and fees. This helps you to free up additional money to set aside for emergencies, retirement, and other smaller unexpected expenses.

The connection between successful savings and good credit plays an important role in your financial life. Not only is it essential for obvious things like qualifying for a loan or getting a credit card, but also for less obvious things like getting cellular telephone service, renting a car, and perhaps even getting a job.

What are you waiting for?

Set a Goal

Pay down debt, save automatically, and assess and improve your credit history. Go to www.annualcreditreport.com

Make a Plan

Improve your credit history by making the minimum payment on all bills, keeping balances low on sources of credit, and applying for credit wisely.

Save Automatically

In order to have good credit scores you must demonstrate a habit of good credit management over a long period of time. Set up direct deposit or put part of your check into a savings account automatically each month to pay down debt and ensure you have enough money for emergencies


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