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What types of documents cannot be notarized by 1st Advantage notaries?

1st Advantage is not authorized to notarize the following documents:

• Certify true copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates. Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such certifications.
• Certify true copies of court issue documents
• Perform marriage ceremonies
• Notarize his/her own signature
• Documents where the name on the document does not match the name on the ID presented
• Blank or incomplete documents
• Faxed or copied signatures
• Wills and documents that the notary has a financial interest in. For example:
• The notary is a party of the document
• The notary’s spouse is a party to the document
• The notary is a signatory or is named in the document
• The notary or his or her spouse has a “direct beneficiary interest” in the document