Credit & Debit Cards Assistance

Card Recovery

If you have downloaded our 1st Advantage Card Manager App and registered your card(s), login and lock your card. Next, you will need to contact the numbers below to report your lost/stolen card to Mastercard. Report a lost/stolen 1st Advantage Credit Card: 866-337-3132 (Business, Rewards and Standard Mastercards) 866-406-0749 (World Mastercard)

Credit Cards

  1. Log into your 1st Advantage mobile banking app or your Online Banking account
  2. Select the Cards icon at the bottom in Mobile Banking or Manage Cards in the top navigation in Online Banking
  3. Select your Credit Card account and then scroll down to the Manage Card section and select Balance Transfer
  4. Follow the prompts and input the necessary information, then hit Submit.
Report a lost or stolen card, and/or fraud by calling the below numbers for your 1st Advantage credit cards. A fraud report will be taken at the time the card is reported lost or stolen. For Business, Rewards and Standard Mastercards, call 866-337-3132 For World Mastercards, call 866-406-0749
Follow the below instructions: Step 1: Log into Online or Mobile Banking and click the “Manage Cards.” Step 2: Click “Rewards” under Card Details. Step 3: Click continue to proceed to uChoose Rewards. Step 4: Click on Redeem Points and then follow the prompts to request your rewards redemption!   For more details, check out our blog: Redeeming Your Cashback with the Rewards, World, and Business Mastercard - 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union
Login to Online or Mobile Banking to begin making your payment. - If the funds are in your 1st Advantage account: Click transfer, then select the account your wish to transfer from as well as your payment amount. Then confirm transfer. - To pay from an account at another financial institution: Click on your credit card account. Then click on “Manage Your Card.” You will then be re-directed to the quick access portal which will allow you to schedule your payment using a non-1st Advantage account.  

Debit Cards

To submit an initial dispute or fraud claim, submit the ATM/Debit Card Fraud Dispute Form first. Then, submit the ATM/Debit Card Fraud Supplemental Form to complete your packet.
To change your debit PIN, call the number on the back of the card and follow the prompts. Keep your card on hand and be prepared to enter your full card number. Once you are verified as the cardholder, you will be able to select a new debit card PIN. This change will occur in real-time.
Debit cards can be ordered at the branch or over the phone. Many of our branches offer instant issue for debit cards, please see the branch listing to verify if the branch you plan to visit offers this service. If you order your new debit card over the phone, it will be shipped to the address you have on file. Fees may apply.