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Fraud Protection: Safeguard Your Sensitive Information

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Our social interaction and business transactions are increasingly digital, meaning identity theft is a serious problem everywhere. There’s no way to avoid the threat of ID theft completely, but there are ways you can to protect yourself.

Raise your awareness

Preventing fraud starts by requesting your credit report every year through AnnualCreditReport.com, as allowed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Analyze it to make sure all of the information about your active and closed accounts is accurate. If you see anything troubling or suspicious, report it immediately to the credit bureaus. Meanwhile, you can take these additional steps to minimize the risk of fraud:

  • Limit your credit cards and sign the backs in ink
  • Photocopy your wallet contents and store in a safe place in case your wallet is lost or stolen
  • Do not provide personal information on the phone, through the mail or online unless you initiate contact
  • Do not carry your Social Card card with you
  • Mark out your debit or credit card number on receipts when you pay
  • Shred everything that contains personal information you don’t need
  • Do not print your Social Security number on checks
  • Be cautious when responding to promotions
  • Make sure your personal information and documents are secured in your home to avoid theft
  • Ask about information security procedures at places that collect your personal information, e.g., workplace and doctor’s office
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