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Mastercard ID Theft Protection

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A young woman signing up for Mastercard ID theft protection online.

Mastercard ID Theft Protection

Are you taking steps to prevent identity theft? In today’s digital economy, it is almost impossible to avoid potentially becoming a victim of identity theft, but there are smart things you can do to protect yourself from the potentially devastating impact of online fraud and impersonation.

Many people today are opting to sign up for identity theft protection services. If you are a 1st Advantage Mastercard holder, you already qualify for comprehensive ID theft protection—and it’s free!

Read on to learn about how Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ works, the wide range of benefits it offers, and how easy it is for cardholders to sign up for this free, comprehensive protection!

Identity Theft: How Mastercard Protects You 

Identity theft takes place whenever someone uses your personal identification or financial information to steal money or access credit or services in your name. 

As our personal and financial lives shift relentlessly online, criminals are discovering more and more ways to steal your identity and misuse your private information. In fact, according to U.S. News & World Report, in 2022 the Federal Trade Commission received more than 1.1 million reports of identity theft. The number of unreported cases is likely far higher.

Here’s why it’s important to protect all of your critical personal and financial information from identity theft: a stolen identity can be used to open fraudulent accounts, make unauthorized transactions, access credit, and incur debts in your name. 

Identity theft can also damage your credit score, making it harder for you to access loans or other financial services in the future.

What’s more, discovering you are the victim of identity theft is emotionally distressing, while resolving potential fraud and clearing your name can be time-consuming and mentally draining.

That’s why Mastercard offers all our cardholders free identity theft protection.

How Does Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ Work?

Once you are signed up, Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ works hard to protect your personal and financial information and limit the impact of any identity theft. It does this in three key ways:

1. Continuous monitoring of your credit 

Mastercard uses advanced technology to monitor your online financial profile and personal information and alerts you instantly to any suspicious activity. This includes:

  • Changes to your credit report, including credit inquiries or new openings of any kind of credit account such as a credit card, bank account, or loan.
  • Potentially risky transactions, including changes to online passwords, access to your health insurance information, and peer-to-peer cash transactions.
  • Data leaks, where your name, date of birth, email, credit card numbers, and passwords might have been exposed or stolen in corporate hacks or other data breaches.
  • Dark web monitoring, where your name, social security number, account numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information is spotted on the black market.

2. Protect Your Personal Information and Digital Privacy

Mastercard experts will educate you about risky online behaviors and how to limit your exposure to identity theft and online scams. This includes:

  • Mastercard’s online resources and 24/7 advice and assistance from Generali Global Assistance’s certified identity theft specialists.
  • Mastercard’s automated opt-out services help reduce your exposure and protect your privacy by removing your details from “pre-approved” loan and credit card offers, junk mail services, and marketing class lists.

3. Identity Theft Resolution Assistance

If you become a victim of identity theft, Mastercard experts stand ready to help resolve issues and restore your credit and good name with our 24/7 resolution services. These include:

  • Credit Account Freeze: Mastercard will work with the credit bureaus to freeze your credit records, preventing further credit inquiries or account openings.

    • Notification and Dispute Resolution: Mastercard will contact merchants or creditors to resolve any disputed transactions and keep you informed in a weekly progress report.
    • Legal Assistance: Mastercard will provide a legal affidavit that you can use to dispute claims. Mastercard will share this with credit bureaus, creditors, and law enforcement.
    • Lost Wallet Service: Mastercard will cancel and replace credit cards, notify other banks to do the same, and help to replace driver’s licenses and Social Security cards. 
    • Fraud Alert: Mastercard will place a fraud alert on all of your credit reports requiring lenders to do extra diligence when approving credit applications using your information.
    • Medical Identity Theft: Mastercard experts will work with your insurance and healthcare providers to ensure any compromised records are corrected. 
  • Overseas Assistance: If you are traveling abroad, Mastercard will provide translation and other services to help to communicate with local authorities to resolve issues.

Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It?

Mastercard is focused on protecting all customers who use their credit card services. That’s why they offer a suite of identity theft protection services for free that exceeds what is offered by many paid identity theft protection and restoration services.

Mastercard also has direct access to your card details, activity, and other information, giving it a major advantage in its ability to spot suspicious activity in real-time. It can also halt or suspend payments to merchants where fraud is suspected.

Third-party credit monitoring services often charge large fees to offer extensive identity theft and credit restoration services, and even identity theft insurance, without having any “skin in the game.” They may lack both the incentive and the resources to help you when it really matters.

As a major card issuer, it’s in Mastercard’s interests to protect its customers and limit its own exposure to potential fraudulent practices.

There is no risk to you when you sign up for the identity theft services already offered with your Mastercard. If you are looking to open a new credit card account, it’s an added incentive.

What Else Can I Do to Protect Myself?

There are many other common sense steps you can take to protect yourself from identity theft. These include:

  1. Keep personal information safe: Protect your PIN at payment points and avoid carrying your social security card with you. Keep documents secure. Use a password manager to generate unique passwords for all your online and social media accounts.
  2. Check your statements: Review your credit card and bank statements for inaccuracies or any unauthorized transactions. Report any discrepancies immediately.
  3. Check your credit reports: Download your credit report from at least one bureau quarterly. Check for unauthorized inquiries and accounts you don’t recognize. 
  4. Use secure websites: When paying for things or sharing personal information online, be sure the website’s URL starts with “https://” and look for a padlock icon in the browser’s address bar. These indicators signify a secure, encrypted connection.
  5. Beware of phishing: Watch out for unsolicited emails, texts, or calls requesting personal information. Never click on links provided in suspicious emails. 
  6. Shred documents: Dispose of sensitive paper documents by shredding them before discarding them. Criminals can be surprisingly good at gleaning information from your trash.

What Should I Do If I Lose My Card?

You can report a lost Mastercard credit card at 866-820-5709 

If you lose your 1st Advantage debit card or you suspect your checking or savings account has been compromised, please contact us immediately at 757-877-2444

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