Your mobile device is your new wallet with Google, Apple and Samsung Pay, allowing you to make purchases in-store or through an app. All you have to do is connect your 1st Advantage Debit Mastercard or Credit Card and you're out the door after a touch of your finger. Plus, there's more security because your card details are never shared with the merchant.

Google Pay

  • For use with compatible Android devices
  • Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store.
  • Add your 1st Advantage card as the default card
  • When making purchase a virtual account number will be created in order to keep your card details safe
  • Use Android Device Manager to instantly lock your device and wipe it clean of your personal information
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Apple Pay

  • For use with compatible Apple devices
  • Add your 1st Advantage card as the default card
  • To pay, hold your phone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID
  • Apple creates a unique, encrypted Device Account Number for secure payment
  • Use Find My iPhone to disable Apple Pay or clear your phone completely
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Samsung Pay

  • For use with compatible Samsung devices
  • Sign in to your Samsung account
  • Add your 1st Advantage card by taking a photo or by typing in your card information
  • Authorize payments by scanning your fingerprint or entering your pin
  • To pay, hover your phone over the in-store contact reader
  • Samsung uses tokenization & cryptogram validation for secure payment
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