Awareness is knowledge and vigilance is the key to detecting and preventing theft of your member and personal information. Learn what to look for, how to respond and how to protect your information!


At 1st Advantage, protecting your accounts and personal information is a top priority. If you are banking in person, using Mobile Banking or Online Banking, your personal data could be vulnerable to identity theft and other attacks. 


Cybersecurity attacks can take many forms and utilize all web-capable devices to access and compromise your personal data. All of your online activity, including email messages, online shopping transactions and social media interactions are susceptible to attack. Arm yourself against the threat with these helpful tips and immediately report questionable activity. 

What To Do If You're a Victim

Be vigilant about your account activity and follow these guidelines to safeguard your personal information. If you believe your 1st Advantage account has been compromised, call us immediately at 757-877-2444.